The disruptive body shaping therapy Emsculpt NEO Dubai

This is the very latest therapy that reduces fat and even gives a perfect shape to the body. This treatment is quite rebellious and intraoperative which rapidly gives good and effective results in the body. Per session of this therapy needs to last at least thirty minutes without any kind of pause. This treatment is accepted by FDA which makes it safe and secure to go under. This is a device with no surgery included and removes your unwanted fat very effectively and results are also visible very quickly.

How does this innovative device work?

This is the only device invented that brings together two different parts of the body to proceed with a micro-dialysis treatment. It reduces the unwanted fat in the body and also shapes it simultaneously. The technology used to tone the muscles of the body is HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology. Which is used to focus on the provocation of the muscle shrinking.

This is innocuous to use and does not cause any kind of pain or soreness. This device operates the muscle and gives a perfect tone adding strength to it. In only one session the customer can attain up to 25 percent of muscle growth. After this therapy patients gain more solid muscles and the process is a very trouble-free experience.

This device also leads to fat reduction.

With the help of RF technology (radio frequency) potency, this device is the reason behind fat reduction in the patients which is done by burning tissues. Again it does not cause any kind of discomfort or pain to the user. It reduces around 30 percent of the fat from the area you want. This disruptive device is taking body transformation to another level without any treatment or surgery.

Why this is the need of today’s generation?

If you want to be healthy and look fit then exercise or gym session daily is very much mandatory also with a proper and healthy diet. Even after carrying this out, sometimes it is challenging to gain an ideal body shape as the genes play a vital role in this. To overcome this problem there is a substitute with FDA approved device Emsculpt NEO. In today’s busy era there are lots of people who want to be fit and live a healthy life but due to their busy schedules, they don’t have enough time for the gym session and also forget to follow their diet. For such people, this device is the best candidate. This is a risk-free process as this device is a non-surgical one.

It can target the specific body areas you want and as well as improves-

  • Core strength.
  • Shaping your buttocks.
  • Abdomen flattening.
  • Giving muscles to the body’s biceps and triceps.
  • Shrinking the fat of thighs and muscling it.
  • Giving therapy to muscles of the abdomen.

Maintenance of visceral fat can be sometimes challenging even after carrying out exercise or following a proper diet. The fat in such areas can be very mulish to shuck off. This device is the suitable one as this device can help you in reducing the fat of such troublesome areas without any tough work.


Many people can take benefit from this EMSculpt NEO Dubai which is an advanced body shaping technology device that also provides strength.

This is the quickest and smoothest way to tone your body shape into a perfect one by gaining muscles and reducing fat at the same time. The results are visible after the first session which lasts around half an hour. This will help you to live a healthy and fit body shape life without any surgery or treatment.

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