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We at Learning T have a goal to call attention to world wide communities.

What makes us so special!

We aim at informing society about this vulnerable minority. We have been pondering about this for a long time.

We are at the start of fulfilling our vision. We want to extend the community-generated knowledge and to find
ways to connect community people, service providers, academics, and others and inspire them to share our work with others. As our website grows we hope we will have more information about how and where transgender people live. We sincerely believe that a lot can be changed if we join our forces and work together.

We are very open-minded and build our knowledge, creativity, and skills every day. Our mission is to create better-living conditions for the population around the globe. We believe that every person should be treated equally and freely express his/her opinion. The age of suppression is over. Society is changing, and people are adopting a new mindset. This positive trend should be continued, and this can be achieved only if we are together in it. The word “vulnerable minority” should be erased from the dictionary. We promote and shield all human rights. We speak against human rights violations and work towards the improvement and implementation of human rights.

We empower people and contribute to increased awareness and commitment of the local and global communities. people all around the world are entitled to have the same rights. We popularise human rights and try to ensure security, peace, and development. Our vision is to address all human rights violations, and we focus on those that can put people in immediate danger. We especially pay attention to those groups that are at risk in different ways. We strive to build a society of equal cultural, economic, civil, social, and political rights. Also, we envision a society with equal educational and employment opportunities.

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