about LT

Learning Trans is a project, the goal of which is to produce, and to highlight trans community-produced knowledge.

This is something that we have been thinking about quite a bit. We are just starting to envision all of what this could look like; the extent of community-generated knowledge, and ways in which community folk, academics, service providers, and others (and those in overlapping categories) could share our work with each other.

We hope that, as the site grows, we will have a great oral/visual history of times & places in lived trans lives. In thinking about various lesbian archives, we can see how valuable the community felt everything was. So much was saved and preserved, and we can learn so much from all of that. We would love to do the same thing here (albeit online). We are envisioning things like the following (and this is not intended to limit us in any way – we’re open to everything our community generates that builds our body of knowledge, skills, and creativity):

  • putting together & making available the artifacts of  social & community history/histories
  • creating videos which service providers can use to train their staff, and
  • sharing videos of talks and presentations;
  • writing and disseminating fact sheets, information sheets, & brochures;
  • powerpoint presentations;
  • linking folks in various communities to each other;
  • posting videos of performances and events;
  • showcase art, music, writing;
  • whatever we can do with the skills we bring to bear to make sure that the knowledge generated by and for our own communities are broadly disseminated.

If you want more information about joining forces with us, please contact us:

2 Responses to about LT

  1. Kale Likover says:

    totally want to help love the idea!


  2. Li Arnee says:

    Thanks for the invite, I will make sure the Brothers of Alpha Omega NU Frat, and the Numan Transmen support Network are aware of this sight.As Well as Unity fellowship church and Minority aids project(MAP).


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