Soprano ICE treatment for better relaxation

The diode technique used throughout the Soprano Ice Treatment delivers a targeted wavelength of radiation that targets removing pigmentation in the follicle. Hairs are targeted with laser hair removal. As soon as the laser identifies a root, it converts light energy to heat energy, effectively destroying the base of the designated follicles. The root’s idea of creating hair is lost once it dies. The remaining hair would then fall out from the bottom of the source. While the notion of a laser blast conjures up images of catastrophes and spaceflight, the lasers we employ are benign, and our hair removal treatment is far from spectacular. The therapy itself is relaxing.

Things to take care of before Soprano ICE treatment

  • The soprano ICE laser hair removal device is popular because it is entirely painless. The device uses ICETM technologies to freeze the appearance of the skin, which works to prevent the light from scorching and cause irritation. Unlike other forms of laser hair removal, most clients experience a moderate warming sensation in the treated region.
  • Even if you’ve had laser hair removal before, a patch test is always recommended to check that your skin is appropriate for laser hair removal. Our laser therapist will be able to customize the machine’s settings to your unique needs for extra protection and find any inadequate responses.
  • When it pertains to laser treatment, it’s critical to schedule appointments frequently to assist treat follicles during their Anagen period of growth. Because only 10–15 percent of your body is in this condition at any given moment, extending the treatment out across 4–8 weeks will ensure that all of your hair gets attacked.
  • Unlike most other laser removal technologies, Soprano’s ICE Laser can safely treat beautifully pale skin. We still advise against using sunbeds or applying artificial tan before your treatments, but you don’t have to think about going out in the sunshine.
  • Before the procedure, you must restrict all types of hair removal except shaving. Waxing, plucking, and haircare treatments might cause issues and interact with the lasers. Thus they should be discontinued for six weeks before the procedure. You should shave your desired location around 8 hours before the process to ensure that the laser is focused on the follicles and not starting to heat hair from the outer skin, which might cause distress.

post-treatment care

  • Some modest adverse effects, such as soreness or sensitivity, may occur after the medication.
  • Perfumes, hot baths, and steam baths should be avoided for at least two days after the treatment. In addition, due to the risk of discomfort, excessive exercising and diving are not suggested.
  • It’s also good to stay away from sunbeds for several weeks after the procedure. When going outdoors, however, sun sunscreen should be used. 
  • The Soprano ICE Laser system is the safest way to remove unwanted hair from all skin types, including people with darker tones where pigment is more susceptible to laser heat.
  • Every individual who has undergone this medication may have slightly varied outcomes.
  • The hairs on the surgical site fall out within a week of the surgery. Because the lasers may well have overlooked some shafts, clumps of hair can emerge on the surgical site. After the first treatment, this is quite typical.
  • To be entirely satisfied, clients must repeat the therapy numerous times – more precisely, 6 to 8 times. Because hair weakens and falls out with time, treatments can be staggered out to account for this. After the last sessions, patients only require touch-ups to keep their skin smooth and free of undesirable hair.

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