Take The Harry Potter House Quiz And Find Your Hogwarts House

Harry Potter takes you into the world of Hogwarts and witches. Hogwarts, headed by Albus Dumbledore, has four houses. The students are put into these houses, and they have to be a part of one House for the entire time at the school. The magical journey ahead in this wizardry world, along with the secrets and wonders, is compelling and gripping. So naturally, any Harry Potter fan would want to be a part of Hogwarts, even though it is just an imaginary world. Many online quizzes will let you dive into the world of Hogwarts. One of many quizzes is the harry potter house quiz that allows you to learn what Hogwarts house you would have been placed in if you had been a part of the story.

It can be a thrilling experience for every Harry Potter fan to learn what House they would be put in after they received their Hogwarts letter. For many fans, it is essential to learn what House will be allowed to them if they were a part of the magical world along with the main characters Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Wesley. When it comes to house selection, the ceremony starts with sorting. A sorting hat is placed on the heads of each child, and the Hat decides what House is best suited for the student for their journey in Hogwarts.

Harry Potter house quiz

Had you been a part of Hogwarts, you would also experience the sorting ceremony. However, you don’t have to feel disappointed because you can’t be a part of Hogwarts. However, the wait to get into the Hogwarts Houses is over as the harry potter house quiz will help you learn what is in store for you if you were a part of Hogwarts and decide for you the most appropriate House.

Harry Potter – The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat, the creation of one of the Hogwarts founders, will choose the best House for you according to your hidden talents, nature, and virtue. Many other online quizzes will let you learn about the history of the Sorting Hat and who is the exact owner of the Hat. All the truths shall be discovered in the Harry Potter quizzes.

The sorting Hat has been sorting thousands of witch students in Hogwarts for years. The Hat believes itself to be the ultimate source of wisdom and truth; however, many disagree. There are many Harry Potter fans out there who feel that the Sorting Hat doesn’t always make the right decision. One of the biggest examples is when the Sorting Hat was persistent in putting Harry Potter in Slytherin house, but just because of Harry’s wishes, it put him in Gryffindor. It did so because Harry possesses some of Lord Voldemort’s qualities because of the history they shared. Later on, the audiences learn that Harry was in all sense a true Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat was wrong. If you want to learn what House is right for you, you can play the harry potter house quiz.

With the harry potter house quiz, you will be offered a Harry Potter sorting quiz. His quiz will let you see many hidden sides of your individuality and personality. These qualities will determine what kind of a witch you will be, but also the House you belong to. For example, if you have the courage to fight off evil and stand up for yourself, Gryffindor will be the right spot for you. Take a look at Harry Potter, for instance. He is everything that a real Gryffindor should be. He believes in himself and his friends.

When you take up the online harry potter house quiz, you will learn about your personality traits that were hidden and discover your true self even as an adult. Anyone can take this test. You don’t have to eleven years old to take the Harry Potter house quiz. When you are alloted your House, it will be a deeply personal experience because either will uncover the real you.

Take the harry potter house quiz.

Here are the four Hogwarts houses although you can get into are-


This is the House that values courage, friendship, great bonds, and joy. This is one of the most loved Hogwarts Houses.


House Slytherin values ambition and leadership. The students have to be brave and intelligent to get into this House.


To get into Ravenclaw, you will have to creative and witty. This House is for the eccentric ones.


The House about kindness and loyalty is a favourite of Harry Potter fans.

We can find a dozen more pros to become a part of each House. But, in truth, all of them are great and should remain one united family to raise exceptional wizards and witches.

The great thing about the harry potter house quiz s that you can retake this test at any time. Since the personality keeps on changing, you might be surprised that your character traits might also change over time and also your Harry Potter house. So enjoy the quiz and share the results with your friends and family.

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