Shopify Partner: Why You Should Have One

Are you searching for a way to supplement your income to assist the firm? You may participate in the Shopify Partnership Program and get the rewards of being a Shopify Partner. Shopify is among the most popular e-commerce systems. It enables many businesses to set up their internet storefronts swiftly.

This program¬†allows you to earn cash. It may seem appealing, but it necessitates significant and complex labour. In other terms, you must devote your time & efforts. Now, let’s look at how amazing it is to become a shopify partner & to get started.

Shopify Partner

Shopify Partners include engaged participants inside a Shopify Partner Network, which allows businesses to make money by recommending Shopify to everyone else, producing templates and applications, or placing affiliate connections on their site. Like a freelancer, marketing, artist, programmer, developer, architect, or promoter, you may join the Shopify Program. To achieve the “Partner” designation, you must sign a written agreement with Shopify subject to yearly evaluation.

Your profits may vary depending on the sort of activity you will perform as a Partner. Among these activities are:

  • Establishing a growth shop: It signifies that you are using Shopify’s basic idea of setting up, building, or styling a site for a customer. If the client remains a subscriber, you will receive a 20% discount on their regular membership charge.
  • Obtaining affiliate connections: They may also share associate reference codes with prospective consumers as a Shopify Associate. When a retailer acquires a Shopify package using your referral code, you will get a two-month “bonus payment” equivalent to the regular worth of the trader’s membership price.
  • Creating Shopify applications: You may also develop programs and gain 80% of overall income from its (one-time) purchase cost. The Shopify Partnership Portal is an excellent location to track the many types of income you generate as a registered partnership. You may use this panel to maintain track of the templates, applications, and stores you’re working on with Shopify.

Advantages of joining the Shopify Partnership Program

Having a Shopify Associate gives you exposure to free education classes, in-depth information, and other tools that would assist you to enhance your knowledge about Shopify and enhance your company efficiency.

In addition, there is intimate knowledge regarding Shopify’s development plan and forthcoming feature demos. Expedited partner assistance is also available to assist you and your clients if you encounter any issues.


Shopify users are eligible for savings on technology and solutions for company growth, industrial design, marketing, and program management. Most of these advantages are available to all associates, while others are only available to partners who have been certified as Shopify specialists. To identify the rewards available to you, go over to the Resource tab of your Partner Portal and look under your Partner Perks area.

Every perk will be offered at the option of the provider. Due to constraints enforced by certain perk suppliers, some extras may be limited to local supply. If you have questions regarding a specific benefit, availability in your region, or pricing conditions, you may approach the supplier directly.

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