How to Consider Your Options before You Buy?

If you are planning to purchase a termite spray Always remember to consider these points:

Spray Construction

When it comes to termite sprays, the application is key. This is why you need to choose a spray design that’s simple to use.

An adjustable nozzle with variable spray power is recommended by me. You should ensure that the aerosol can properly eject termiticides if you are purchasing it. You should also choose one that sprays in concentrated directions.

Active Ingredients

There are many active ingredients in best termite treatment. Each active ingredient kills termites differently. Deltamethrin, which is the most commonly found active ingredient in termite sprays you can buy at home supply stores, is the most popular.

Deltamethrin is a member of the pyrethroid group. This synthetic version of pyrethrin is commonly used for treatments on lawns, golf courses, or other outdoor areas. Deltamethrin, in its purest form, is colorless and odorless. Pesticide manufacturers mix Deltamethrin with different scents to prevent it from being misinterpreted as a drink. Deltamethrin termite sprays come in various scents, including cedar and orange.

Deltamethrin, an insecticide potent enough to kill many insects, is available in several forms. It can also be used in aerosols and granules as well as dust.

Deltamethrin: How Does It Work?

The substance will attack the nervous system of termites if they come in contact with it. The pest will die from the toxicity. Deltamethrin, due to its larger size, higher temperature, and lower chemical sensitivity, is considered less harmful to mammals.

However, it is important to be cautious when using Deltamethrin-based sprays. The chemical can cause numbness and itching, burning, and even muscle spasms if exposed for prolonged periods. Unless there is an underlying condition, these symptoms should disappear within 48 hours.

Cyfluthrin is another active ingredient in termite sprays. It is another pyrethroid.

Allergies of the Occupants

Make sure no one in the family is allergic before you purchase or apply termite sprays. Deltamethrin, the most commonly used ingredient in over-the-counter termite treatments, is mentioned above. This could cause skin and respiratory irritations.

Acute allergic reactions can cause swelling of the eyes, face, and lips. It can also cause nausea, bronchospasm, and epigastric pain in rare cases.

You can choose a natural formulation if someone has had adverse reactions to synthetic chemicals in the past. 

Pet Safety

You should consider your furry friends’ welfare as well as your family’s security. Deltamethrin can be used in safe areas, but it should not be used near your dog’s or cats’ homes. Exposure to termite sprays can cause your pet to experience vomiting, muscle tremors, and excessive drooling.

IResidual Effect

The termite sprays’ residual effects provide a continuous termite-killing effect to your home. It will also protect the area treated from future infestations for a specified period. For more information, click here.

The best termite treatment sprays will usually have a residual effect lasting at least 4 weeks. The residual effect of termite sprays used outdoors could be shorter because rain and other outdoor elements can wash away the chemicals.

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