Have fun while popping the pops

Pops are so much fun to play with. Bubbles are stress relievers; they are both enjoyed by kids and adults. Kids are always high in energy; they cannot simply lie down but need something to lay their hands on and play with. Other toys might go out of interest for them for a short period, but pop toys are favorites of these kids. These are colorful and fun to play with. Pop toys are easy to handle and attractive; children cannot help but catch them and play with them.

Skill is more important than size

Pop its is a multitasking game for kids, designed in such a way that it trains the mind and hand simultaneously. A kid tries to pop the bubble bigger inside but finds the next one bigger than the rest; this is how he keeps engaged in the activity. Pop the last of the bubbles to win this game. Try our hamburger pop it, pop it bracelet, octopus pop it, and many more.

The pop it mystery box

When you have such an extensive collection of toys, it often becomes difficult to choose. Therefore, we have bought you the mystery box. It has types of pop-it toys inside, suitable for gifting and oneself. The fidget toy mystery box is your must-have kit. It has different toys, from squishy types, tangles, bags, pop, etc. We have prepared a 3unique box collection of 7, 16, or 21 pieces, and trust me; your child will never be disappointed with this one. It’s not just a toy box but an unpacking bag of happiness and joyful learning. The pop-art toys are available in an abundance of shapes, sizes, and themes to choose from.

The fun subscription

The pop it toys come with a subscription as well. Take a subscription to our toy box and enjoy the fun play. You pay for the box you play with, and when you renew your subscription, you can change your toy. Kindly note that a fidget box contains 1 to 3 toys of the same of slightly different rates. If you subscribe for two boxes, you get two toys at the same rate. Cancel your subscription anytime you want.

About our store

Finding good quality, safe, child-friendly, practical, inexpensive, and eco-friendly fidget toys is impossible. But we have made it possible for you with our pop pop-its. We have brought about a beautiful renovation with the toys. These toys are child friendly, made of soft fiber, and bio colors that are safe for your child even if your child chews them.

The rules to play

  • Start a game of stone, paper, and scissors to see who begins first.
  • Players will begin to turn wise and pop as many bubbles as possible in a row.
  • The next player will then pop the leftover bubbles in the row.
  • The turn will go on until the last bubble is popped.

Why are our toys best have?

Our toys are high quality and made of fiber that is soft, durable, child-friendly and eco-friendly colors. The silicone used is flexible and scratch-proof. We use beautiful, elegant colors that are a sight to the eyes, and children love them. Poppers are not only the best toys to play with, but they are also stressed relievers.  It reduces children’s stress levels and engages them in a fun game of popping and stretching. Fidgets help the child stay calm, maintain one posture, and learn the art of perfect hand movement.

So, what is keeping you back from ordering your box of joy today? Subscribe to our fidget boxes and begin your child’s journey to a fun and learning today.

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