Enjoy The Glimpse Of Nature With 2 Person Kayak: Why One When You Can Have 2?

One way to explore the natural beauty and see an iconic image with this outdoor activity makes the person delirious. It is so amazing when you see long stretches of water with your bow knifing with splashes and those reflected sunny lights. If that makes you happy, then kayaking is the best activity to spend time on weekends. Whenever you want to enjoy yourself with a friend, that’s where two person kayak come in. These are sometimes called double, or tandem kayaks too. It is so much fun when two people are involved, and it can be for friends or couples. This experience makes it even more memorable.

Gear and the clothing

When you sit in the kayak, your safety comes in first. The one who is providing the boat for kayaking should give you the coastguard, a paddle that fits you properly, a bilge pump, and a spray skirt depending on the weather. The essential clothing required is:

  • Shorts or swimwear (non-cotton)
  • Rashguard top which is a short or long sleeve (non-cotton)
  • Neoprene shoe wear
  • Hat for sun protection
  • Vest or light jacket
  • Rain jacket, spray jacket, and pants

Sometimes, overlooking personal belongings make the experience difficult. To avoid that, remember to carry these things:

  • A full-fledged water bottle
  • Small energy snacks for long durations
  • Vaseline, SPF, and glasses
  • The first-aid kit is very important
  • Whistle
  • A headlamp to keep a watch on the speed
  • Dry bag to carry wet items

Touring with 2 people

If you are exploring or touring, it is always better with someone to have fun. Besides, having someone to paddle for you is always a bonus treat!

2 person kayak is an awesome way to help your partner wet their toes in the water, figuring the situation out. If your partner is a beginner and it’s their first time, you can introduce them to the entire process by paddling at the back, and he/she can contribute sitting in the front.

If both of them are experienced players, then you have to work on intuition and rhythms. On the other hand, if they know how to paddle well, they can efficiently stop the kayak whenever they want. Conversations with your partner will make it even easier than just one person on the kayak.

Cost of 2 people

The kayaking experience with two persons is a little heavy on the pocket. But all is worth it if you have a friend along with you to make memories. However, sometimes it is affordable too as you are just getting one boat instead of two. So even if the boat is small, you will acquire a great deal for 2 person kayak.

Position of the paddle

Generally, you have to use both hands to grab the paddle and start your position with your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Make sure that the blades of the paddle are in sync with each other. Adjust it accordingly. Always make sure that the long edge of the paddle is on the top to move swiftly and smoothly in the water. The curve of the blade is subtle. Make sure that paddle blades are facing your side. Put your large knuckles at the top shaft to watch out for paddle blades if they are in line. Lastly, loosen your grip. Shoulders start paining if you’re going to paddle unnecessarily.

Safety and precautions

When you are in 2 person kayak, it important to watch out for safety so that either person can help in case of emergencies. So to help each other, there are few pointers to follow:

  • Always study the instructions and research to avoid mishaps
  • Two people are always better than one to provide guidance
  • Have a pact with your partner
  • Know the limits till where you have to go
  • Keep up with your water temperature
  • Always check your life jacket properly, which fits you accurately
  • Don’t forget to give signals with whistles

2 person kayak is always better than one, as mentioned. Tandem kayaking is a great option. If you want to watch the serene nature or chill with a friend, it is awesome to teach them if they are new. You can opt for guides on how to go about when 2 people are involved in having a better experience.

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