All You Need To Know To Be A Product Tester For Amazon

While there are many types of jobs on the market, only a few know the majority of them and how to apply for them — product tester being one of them, where an individual tests and reviews products by different companies generally for an online platform. Their reviews and comments are then given a special priority that may help in the verification of the product.

One such online platform that conducts this is Amazon, with the job of a product tester for amazon (produkttester für amazon) being one of the most in-demand jobs among the users of the platform due to its several benefits as well as good pay.

What is a product tester?

Anyone who uses and ‘tests’ a product for its usage, quality and any other requirement before making a detailed and unbiased review for the product in a manner of either promoting it or criticizing it. Most companies hire people to do so professionally.

However, online shopping platforms have also started doing so to verify the quality of several popular products as they are advertised the most on their platform and can represent them unintentionally to their users. Product testing can also help to choose and promote the newer products that are yet to be popularized among the users but may have good price and quality.

What are the benefits of being a product tester?

A product tester may either be a job that is paid or unpaid — it entirely depends on the company or online platform one may be working for. Most of the time, if it is unpaid then the product tester would get significant compensation for their review with the product being free of cost that they are asked to test.

In the case of a paid one, the product provided to test or review may be free of cost as provided by the company or online platform but there will be no other compensation than the actual pay. The tester is allowed to keep the product they have been sent to test for their personal usage if they so as wish.

In addition to this, there are no dedicated hours for such a job since it is considered a ‘freelancing’ job that is available to anyone who qualifies the requirement for being a product tester for the said platform or company.

How to be a product tester?

While the job itself may sound easy and simple, it not is as such. To be a product tester for amazon (produkttester für amazon), one has to be a verified user and should have a history of making ‘helpful’ comments on the platform about the products they have used. After that, it entirely depends on luck and Amazon whether you’ll be approached for this position by the employees of the platform or not.

In the case of other websites, it will depend on their specific policies and requirements that one may have to research thoroughly before applying.

In most cases, many websites and companies ask people with a good online presence or social media following to do such product testing as a means of advertising for the product. Many content creators participate in these as a method of earning money and free products for their reviews.

In the end, product testing and its resulting reviews are a good method of advertising products and services that many companies and online platforms use to reach and appeal to genuine customers. It is a good ‘side-hassle’ or freelancing for anyone who wishes to earn some money besides their full-time job.

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