Bettcher, Talia

Talia Mae Bettcher, Ph.D. is a Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles. She has published articles on transphobia and transphobic violence and she teaches courses on the philosophy of gender, including “Introduction to Transgender Studies” and “Trans/Feminism.” She is the past Director of the Center for Study of Genders and Sexualities at CSULA and is currently Department Chair. She is also a community-based performance artist and she has been actively involved in Los Angeles transgender community and grass-roots organizing for many years.

For Talia’s CV, click here.


Lectures & Talks:


Transgender inclusion in agencies serving “LGBT” communities from Susan Forrest on Vimeo.

1 Response to Bettcher, Talia

  1. Matt Goldenberg says:

    On Without A Net:
    I think this is a beautiful and poignant piece. I work in mental health, and as a trans person, I have been very disappointed with the repeated use of the terminology ‘the wrong body’ or ‘trapped’, by both trans and non trans people. Now, I do believe that each of us is free to narrate our experiences in the most personal ways, but I feel that as trans people, we borrow this narrative because we are at a desperate place in terms of finding the language. As a clinician, I see no way in which formulating my trans clients (or myself for that matter) as trapped, or living in the ‘wrong’ body, can lead to mental well-being. How does this teach resiliency, acceptance, confidence, all the other factors that we know help bring our clients into their full selves? Dr. Bettcher I applaud you. Way to tell it like it is!

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