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images from Los Angeles’ Transgender Day of Remembrance

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Full-Frontal Morality: Transphobia, Intimacy and the LAPD Treatment of Trans Individuals

Here is Talia Bettcher’s keynote address at the annual meeting of the Pacific Society for Women in Philosophy (P-SWIP). There is an hour-long Q & A which will be available shortly (… or eventually)

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Keynote: Talia Bettcher, “Full Frontal Morality: Transphobia, Intimacy, and the LAPD Treatment of Transgender Individuals”

Talia is the keynote speaker at the Pacific Division of the Society for Women in Philosophy. Everyone is welcome to attend the talk, so come down to see her philosophical work combined with her work with the Transgender Working Group’s … Continue reading

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Maria Roman attached in nightclub than abused by police

On August  22, 2011 Maria Roman was assaulted in a nightclub in Las Vegas, NV. After being called to the scene, Officer Michael L. Mahaffey not only refused to file a report, he arrested her instead. if you have a … Continue reading

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Riot Acts: transgender and gender variant musicians

Riot Acts is a transfabulous rockumentary representing the multi-dimensional lives of transgender and gender variant musicians, through a first-hand perspective of the intersections between gender performance and stage performance, culminating with the notions that identities and bodies are undeniably political, and … Continue reading

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Lourdes Hunter

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Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference

2011 marks the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference’s 10th anniversary! We expect to see a record number of community members this coming year, and we are focusing on building creative community partnerships. Please watch http://www.trans-health.org for more conference developments as plans are finalized, … Continue reading

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In The Life: Beauty on the Black Market

For transgender women who are low income, the ability to ‘pass’ as a female can make the difference in being able to simply get a job, put food on the table or avoid the very real threat of violence. The … Continue reading

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trans folk are cast…

A moment from last night’s lecture.

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Viviane Namaste & Mirha-Soleil Ross on Day of Remembrance

To read the rest of this excerpt, please click here. About Sex Change, Social Change: Project Muse review “This is a provocative, thoughtful book that challenges readers to think carefully about human rights, feminism, lesbian and gay struggles, and current … Continue reading

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