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04/24/14 lecture on Trans Feminism now available online

Dr. Bettcher’s course lecture for 04/24/14 is now available. 4/24: Feminism in the Butch/FTM Borderlands. Lugones “’Playfulness, ‘World’-travelling, and Loving Perception”, Hale “Tracing a ghostly memory in my throat: Reflections on Ftm feminist voice and agency”, Bettcher “Butch/FTM Border Wars … Continue reading

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tonight’s topic in the Seminar on Transgender Studies

Tonight’s topic at the Seminar on Transgender Studies is: Inclusion/Exclusion Readings: Namaste “Genderbashing” (which didn’t get covered last week) Raymond “Sappho by Surgery” Riddell “Divided Sisterhood” Koyama “Whose Feminism is it Anyway?” Shotwell and Sangrey “Resisting Definition”

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Tonight’s class topic: Transphobia

Tonight’s class will be fun. The topic? Transphobia. Some courageous students will present Talia’s work… to Talia (and the rest of the class, of course) Readings: Namaste:  “Genderbashing” Juang:  “Transgendering the Politics of Recognition” Bettcher:  “Evil Deceivers and Make-Believers” Bettcher:  … Continue reading

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