online courses

Whenever possible (and it isn’t that frequently, unfortunately) we will record courses that are transgender-specific which you can enjoy online. We will provide the syllabus, the handouts and video (or audio) of the lectures, and will have the professor check in here on LT to answer any questions or engage in discussion about the course.

Our first online class was a Seminar in Transgender Studies, taught by Dr. Talia Mae Bettcher.

Our second is coming up Fall, 2014 semester. This course, Transgender Feminism, will also be taught by Dr. Talia Mae Bettcher.

1 Response to online courses

  1. Shannon Taylor says:

    I am a M2F Transgender woman myself and would like to get a recognised qualification in Transgender Studies, so i can work with other Transgender people.
    What is the end qualification and is their a certificate. I am interested in taking the course as from my own experiences in being a Transgender Woman myself who identifies as Lesbian i believe that also sharing my knowledge, treatments, pschology in my coming out to going through surgery has improved my life immensely.


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