Beatty, Christine

Christine Beatty is a transsexual author whose work has been seen in Transgender Tapestry, Spectator, TransSisters, Bay Area Reporter, SF Bay Times and Chrysalis Quarterly since 1991.

Her transgender activism stretches back just as far, and in 2000 she was distinguished as Transwoman of the Year by the Los Angeles Transgender Task Force. She helped organized the 2003 Transgender Day of Remembrance in Los Angeles, and in 2004 appeared in a Calpernia Addams’ and Andrea James’ all-transgender production of the Vagina Monologues.

Christine also sings and plays guitar, and in 1995 she had the distinction of being one of the first transsexual women to perform in a working, recording heavy metal rock band.

In 2011 she started a publishing company for the TS/TG community, Glamazon Press.

Formerly from San Francisco, she now resides in Los Angeles.

Her personal web page is at


5 Responses to Beatty, Christine

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  2. I just read the linked article “Transcending Ridicule” and found it to be an excellent article.

    I walk a lot and lately have faced a lot of ridicule from people and it does get to me at times – and it seems to be a more and more common occurrence too. I know my looks make me stand out, thought I always try to look respectable as suits a lady my age (56).

    Hugs and Blessings,

    Thank you for the article Christine!


  3. Thank you so much! I wish I had not only learned but *internalized* this stuff a long time ago. I suppose I had to go through all of it for a reason — all things serve Goddess — I will do an article about that sometime — but it wasn’t fun at the time. Still, I survived and thrived and are stronger because of it.

    Thanks for reading, darlings!


  4. Janet Merner says:

    I am a transsexual. In Canada it is legal to grab a transsexuals breast without her consent as long as sex was not the intent. I found this out in a 507.1 hearing trial in a provincial courthouse in 2009 Is it legal in California to grab a transsexuals breast for political or religious beliefs. I have read the Transcending Ridicule article and if I was faced with just ridicule I would be so happy. I am going to go to europe in September to look for a safer country as I am not allowed into the United States. I am asking this question in the hope that other transsexuals in Canada may find a safe place to live. Canada unlike the US is a confederation so the laws are exactly the same in every province. I know California is more Transgender friendly I am just wondering to what extent.


  5. It is true that in California we have better laws and several fairly respectable Transgender legal rights groups and a few cities have areas where we can feel safer, and the City of West Hollywood (adjacent to Los Angeles) actively protects Trans and LGB folk with a very T and LGB educated police force (and the LA police dept is working on this issue too) but for the most part the reality is that bullies and haters are plentiful in California too and there are still many places where it is the police that still do the harassing. We have laws but in place but enforcement is quite lacking still in many smaller towns and parts of big ones. Trans folks must be on the alert here in Cali just as much as elsewhere because good laws alone cant stop a hater from doing damage.

    Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood and Palm Springs are the most-likely-to-be-safe places but even so hate crimes continue. I used to live in LA county and spent a lot of time in LA but now I live in Riverside CA – about an hours drive east of LA – and I feel safer here than in LA. I too walk a lot here and in LA still and face bullying and derision often but those events just make me work harder at building up the trans community. I hosted a Transgender Day of Remembrance observance here at my Church (a UCC affiliate) last year and am planning this year’s already. We had our Police Chief speak at the event because he is very TLGB supportive personally but even he admits that it will take a lot of effort and time for understanding, acceptance and appropriate application of our laws to get down to street level. We have a little pocket of acceptance in our downtown area with supportive Churches and Business and I believe we are making some progress especially now with the media spotlight on Bullying issues.

    The trans community here in Riverside is really just beginning to come together thanks to the internet and social media and a few gathering places like our downtown coffee house, We now have one dedicated trans-specializing professional in town – a Therapist who will soon have her PhD – who just organized self-defense classes for trans folks and their family and allies in a safe space with appropriate restroom facilities and enlightened staff that is closed to outsiders during our time – and perhaps, once it becomes known that we are learning how to stand our own ground, maybe others will begin to accept or at least respect us as fellow citizens.

    We are trying to be the change we want to see in the world and that is what it takes anywhere one goes. Best wishes and prayers as you search for your safer place in the world.



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