This page is where we will post current and “historical” articles that we are able to access. We also are interested in anything which can illuminate what being trans was experientially like in past decades and in different communities (see the FIRST PERSON AUTHORITY page).

We are not particularly interested in re-printing documents which are widely available (especially those that are already online). If anyone has anything to contribute, please let us know. Just click on contact

The articles listed below are all available on Learning Trans. Simply click on the author’s page to see an author bio and download the article(s).

Because we live in Los Angeles, and because we believe Los Angeles trans community is special and different, we have a created a page for us to honor our own. If you are an Angelino, and have something you want to contribute, please let us know. (

  • Bettcher, Talia
    • Appearance, Reality, and Gender Deception: Reflections on Transphobic Violence and the Politics of Pretence
    • Evil Deceivers and Make-Believers: On Transphobic Violence and the Politics of Illusion
    • Feminist Perspectives on Trans Issues
    • Trans Identities and First Person Authority
    • Understanding Transphobia: Authenticity and Sexual Abuse
    • Without a Net: Starting Points for Trans Stories
  • Dynarski, Wiktor
    • The history of transgender activism in Poland – Wiktor Dynarski (04-2009)
    • Tematyka transpłciowości w wybranych publikacjach oraz jej usytuowanie we współczesnych dyskursach akademickich, Wiktor Dynarski
    • Historia ruchu trans – referat wygłoszony na konferencji Historia Tęczy – poprawiony i uzupełniony (04-2009)
  • Lewis, Vek
    • Sociological Work on Transgender in Latin America: Some Considerations
    • Replanteando la violencia como sistémica: Hacia una interpretación materialista de la transfobia en México [MP3]
  • Serano, Julia
    • The Case Against Autogynephilia
    • Psychology, Sexualization and Trans-Invalidations [keynote talk at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference]
  • Xavier, Jessica
    • Passing As Privilege
    • Passing As Stigma Management – An Analytic Review of Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity by Erving Goffman
    • A Look Back at TransSisters (1996)
    • Transsexual Feminism and Transgender Politicization (1995)

Crash Course – a regular Learning Trans column, by Becca Aloisi

First Person Authority has pieces by:

  • Enloe, Sean, M.D.

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