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Ryka Aoki’s Book Launch SEASONAL VELOCITIES at ho⋅mo⋅cen⋅tric | video

ho⋅mo⋅cen⋅tric [hoh-muh-sen-trik, hom-uh-] –adjective 1. having a common center; concentric. 2. diverging from or converging to the same point: homocentric rays. -noun 3. A monthly reading series for LGBTQI authors | Ryka reads from her newly released book SEASONAL VELOCITIES |

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video trailer for Misery Loves Company ver.2

Our friend Christine Beatty is a transsexual author, activist, musician and a native of the San Francisco Bay Area who graduated Skyline College with honors and then began working as a prostitute when she found herself ostracized by the “normal” world. Two … Continue reading

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Assuming a Body

this review was swiped from amazon Review “In this remarkable book, Gayle Salamon makes original use of the notion of the bodily schema (from phenomenology) and the bodily ego (from psychoanalysis) to argue in the most persuasive and deft terms … Continue reading

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