Trans/Trans* and/or Feminism? (video)

Trans/Trans* and/or Feminism? Part 1 of 3

Thursday, April 21
The Village at Ed Gould Plaza – Los Angeles LGBT Center
1125 N McCadden Pl, Los Angeles, California 90038

Moderated by: Amelia Jones and Leon Mostovoy.


  • Talia Mae Bettcher,
  • Zackary Drucker,
  • Kean O’Brien,
  • Bamby Salcedo,
  • Sabel Samone-Loreca, and
  • Addison Rose Vincent

The relationship between feminism and trans/trans* discourse has been complex and often fraught. Aiming in its most basic forms to redress inequities and oppressions based on perceived gender identity, feminism in most of its second and third wave forms has long been based primarily on a coalition of people recognized to be “women.” Newly visible expressions of gender/sex identification that cross over the binary lines so central to normative culture, but also to feminist challenges, has put enormous pressure on this structure of political engagement. Raging debates over the media—whether social, “new,” or “old”—over the past few years have raised key points of debate about the relationship between feminism and gender/sex formations that defy the very binaries (hetero/homo and male/female) that feminism has staked its energies on interrogating for so long.

It is no longer at all clear what a “woman” is, what kinds of gendered/sexed subjects are being oppressed and in what ways, or how to sustain the feminist project in the face of these newly visible complex gender formations. The very concept of a gendered/sexed self that is determinable through visual, aural, or other cues (whether to be oppressed or liberated) is called into question. On what can feminism be based in an era of complex gender/sex identifications, in particular those now articulated as “trans” or “trans*”?

This panel seeks to debate the relationship of feminist politics, which we take for granted to be essential to any critical discourse of, about, or around gendered/sexed subjects, to trans/trans* identifications, discourses, and expressions—which we also assume to be valid and worthy of understanding and attention, whether coalitional and supportive or critical. Our panelists, who are thinkers, activists, artists, and scholars, will address the relationship between feminism and trans/trans* identifications and theories. Time will be allowed for extended discussion with the audience.

About Susan Forrest, co-founder Los Angeles, County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force, chair Los Angeles, County HIV Mental Health Task Force, secretary
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