Not my finest hour!

Jane the Obscure

“The bird with the thorn in its breast, it follows an immutable law; it is driven by it knows not what to impale itself, and die singing.” The Thorn Birds by Collen McCullough

I’ve read many a story of love, betrayal, grief, and all those emotions that run wild though us, out of us, giving us the will to live, or sometimes the will to die.

I made a wrong turn somewhere along the line. I was lost in love, I was lost in hope, but the worst thing (yes, love is not it, hope comes close) I could have done was turn away from myself. I never gave myself enough credit. I refused to see that kaleidoscope of beauty and pain that is me. The day I did that, was the day I started running away from myself, and now I am trying so hard, fighting desperately to hang…

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About Susan Forrest, co-founder Los Angeles, County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force, chair Los Angeles, County HIV Mental Health Task Force, secretary
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