CLASS 2014 – Enrolling NOW CARING LOVING ADORING SPIRITUAL SISTERS (for transwomen in Los Angeles)

Hello friends,

If you know of any transgender woman that will commit to 14 sessions (2 hours each) bi-monthly; and who wants to plan events, empower themselves while sharing their experiences with others and who want to expand their knowledge of Post Modernism and “Queer Theory”, please send them my way!


APLA Health & Wellness and Red Circle Project would like to introduce a program for the transgender community:


The mission of the CARING LOVING ADORING SPIRITUAL SISTERS (C.L.A.S.S.) Program at APLA Health & Wellness is to reduce the risk of HIV transmission and acquisition among Transgender women of color in all City of Los Angeles Council Districts through the activities of a leadership program that will equip Transgender women with the needed life skills and personal development tools to live powerful lives and to become leaders in their community in order to improve the overall well-being of the Transgender community.

We will enroll 12 participants who are committed to the 14 session program which will meet bi-monthly.

The CLASS program is divided into four quarters; each quarter will address the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the person through a curriculum that will include:

  • Native American Perspectives
  • History of significant transgender figures contributing to change
  • Leadership theories, perspectives, and design
  • Relationship navigation focused on external and internal relationships
  • Self-image/body image
  • Internalized Transphobia
  • Medical/dental/mental health experiences and advocacy issues
  • Hormone 101 & 102 (including hormone prescription descriptions and side effects)
  • Education assessments/employment plans
  • Intro to Post Modernism (M. Foucault, Audry Lourde, P.H. Collins)
  • Goal setting (measureable? Manageable? Meaningful?)

Participants will also plan and coordinate two community events, they will receive $50 in gift cards/per quarter; bus tokens as needed; and will be eligible to participate in a raffle of a “high ticket” item every other month.

We will be having intakes beginning next week…CLASS begins the first week of September.

You can refer them via email, or have them contact me directly. HIV status is not a concern.

In spirit,

Michelle A. Enfield | Program Coordinator
Diné; Navajo
Red Circle Project
APLA Health & Wellness
3717 S. La Brea Ave Ste. 1022
Los Angeles, CA   90016
P: 323.329.9906
F: 323.294.3949

About Susan Forrest, co-founder Los Angeles, County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force, chair Los Angeles, County HIV Mental Health Task Force, secretary
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