A letter for posterity!

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Jane the Obscure

I finally put this project to rest. The last weeks were arduous, in trying to get a friend, and the world to understand gender identity. These were the fruits of my labor, and I hope that you can empathize, and appreciate, because i know there are other trans women out there with the boldness and force of Cleopatra,  the pride and power of Eleanor of Aquitaine, and the attributes  of a goddess. I dedicate this to all my sisters.

A Letter to you!

Yes you, whose eyes dance over these words.  I was a child once, my mother’s child. strong of will, of heart and soul, but I too cried those many nights when I went to sleep hungry or when my school teacher discovered the purple and yellow bruise going down my leg, like a body of water, deep of color, and complicated. I had a colorful imagination, and…

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LearningTrans.org, co-founder Los Angeles, County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force, chair Los Angeles, County HIV Mental Health Task Force, secretary
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