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TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

by Susan Stryker & Paisley Currah

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tsq/tsq-transgender-studies-quarterly go here to participate in the campaign & for more information (including a video about TSQ)

TSQ is a new interdisciplinary academic journal that will change the way the world thinks about transgender issues.

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly will be the journal of record for the vibrant, rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field of Transgender Studies–and you can be part of its groundbreaking debut in 2014.  It will be co-edited by Dr. Susan Stryker (University of Arizona) and Dr. Paisley Currah (CUNY-Brooklyn), and published by Duke University Press.

Transgender Studies has far-reaching implications across many academic disciplines, including not only gender and women’s studies, sexuality studies, and LGBT Studies, but also social sciences, health, art, cultural studies, and many other broadly defined fields. The development of transgender studies also makes a politically significant intervention into the lives of trans community members with tremendous unmet needs, by changing what and how we know about transgender issues.

This project began in 2008, when we were invited to co-edit a special transgender studies edition of Women’s Studies Quarterly. We received more than two hundred submissions for publication, yet we could only publish twelve of them. We knew then that it was time for transgender studies to have its own high-profile publications venue. Five years later, there is still no place to accommodate the kind of conversation we want to foster on transgender issues. Your support right now could change that.

You have the opportunity to be part of this historic moment. Once the journal is launched in April 2014, subscriptions will eventually cover the cost of publication. To subsidize the cost of publishing the journal, we need to raise at least $100,000 in start-up funds. We’re already more than halfway to our goal, and would now like to invite you to invest in the next stage in the development of transgender studies, by helping us complete our fundraising launching TSQ. Your support will help us create a first-rate platform for publishing peer-reviewed transgender-related scholarship—something that can only benefit the entire field of gender and sexuality studies.

Here’s a preview of our first five issues:

 TSQ 1:1+2, “Postposttransexual: Terms for a 21st Century Transgender Studies,” will be a special double issue of short essays on key concepts in transgender studies.

 TSQ 1:3, “Decolonizing the Transgender Imaginary,” will explore cross-cultural analysis of sex/gender variation, and bring transgender studies into critical engagement with ethnography and anthropology.

 TSQ 1:4, “Trans Cultural Production,” will be devoted to the arts, film, literature, and performance.

 TSQ 2:1 “Making Transgender Count,” co-edited with the Williams Institute’s GenIUSS group (Gender Identity in U.S. Surveillance), will tackle such issues as population studies, demography, epidemiology, and quantitative methods.

Support at any level is welcome–please see our list of premiums and contribute today!

Backed by Duke University Press and co-edited by well-known academics, TSQ is a project with very little risk. Both of us bring extensive editing and publishing experience, as well as deep knowledge of the transgender studies field. Duke is one of the most prestigious university presses in the United States with a strong track-record of success publishing roughly comparable titles like GLQ and Social Text. The publication of TSQ has already been announced, and calls for submissions for the first three issues have already been disseminated. The first issue of TSQ is now in production at Duke, and will be published and distributed in the spring semester of 2014; other issues will follow roughly every three months. Duke is trusting us to raise the money to underwrite the start-up costs– so while there little risk that the journal won’t launch, time is of the essence to raise the money NOW.

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