LAPD Transgender Policies | Transgender Working Group

Yesterday, members of the Transgender Working Group met with 3 LAPD Chiefs and the Mayor’s Office and recieved the good news that the LAPD has developed and released LAPD policies, signed by Chief Beck, to address interactions with Transgender individuals.  I am attaching this policy bulletin that concentrates on appropriate stops and searches, which you will notice reflects our recommendations closely.  This bulletin was posted on the LAPD website last night.
We also discussed the jails policy they are developing.  We were given a tour of the new Transgender-specific pod that will be housed within the women’s section of the new Metropolitan jail downtown.  Upon policy finalization, Transgender individuals will no longer be booked or housed in the Hollywood station jail so that they will have access to women’s supplies.  This facility will be ready for use on April 22.  MTF and FTM will not be housed in the same cell.  Gay men will not be housed in this pod.
The pod has approximately 20 cells, double- and single-occupancy.  LAPD strongly emphasized that they would not house anybody in the single cells unless absolutely necessary.  There are 2 shower stalls within this Trans-specific pod.  LAPD is currently in the process of purchasing large shower doors to ensure privacy.
Here are they key points of the new jail policies:
  • The Inmate Classification Form (attached) has been revised to ask each inmate about gender identity upon entrance to the jail.
  • Permanent and semi-permanent hairpieces will be allowed.
  • Cosmetics will NOT be allowed because they are not allowed in the jail, period.
  • Chest binders will be allowed
  • Non-wire bras are allowed
  • Inmates may choose to wear any undergarments they wish
  • Strip searches inside the jail will be conducted by genitalia.  A doctor will determine which gender officer will be strip searching a trans person in custody.
  • This jail pod is NOT dependent on the LAPD budget and is based on current staffing levels (meaning that, unless they lose a significant number of staff, “budget cuts” should not close this pod)
  • Individuals going to and coming from showers will be fully clothed.  ONly in the stall should they be naked.
  • Training on these policy changes will occur for all jail staff.
What the group needs to continue to work on:
  • The condom seizure issue (we need to change this at state level, otherwise, jurisdiction issues will continue to arise.  This policy needs to be developed with a state legislator–Karina and I have identified someone and will arrange to meet)
  • Complaint procedures
This truly is a victory, and even though it took a long time, this is really significant.  I want to congratulate everyone for your good work, patience and persistence.
Thank you,
Shirin Buckman
New Start Program Manager
South Valley Region
LA City Community Development Department
14410 Sylvan St., 7th Floor
Van Nuys, CA 91401
(818) 374-9961
Cell) (213) 344-8299
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