Gendercast Episode 21: Transmisogyny: Interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer | link

Tobi Hill-Meyer

Here is a recent interview I did discussing transmisogyny with the folks atGendercast: Our Transmasculine Genderqueery.  If you’ve got some time, I suggest giving it a listen.

Gendercast Episode 21: Transmisogyny: Interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer

Join Gendercast for our interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer as she so eloquently discusses transmisogyny, language about gender, analyses on the word *transmasculine and creates new meaning(s), pronouns, and her experiences at both Michfest and the Butch Voices national conference as a trans woman.   She’ll tell us all about her unique narrative, being raised by second-wave feminist parents, and expands categories beyond the limits of a binary narrative of being socialiazed according to one’s sex assigned at birth.   TO READ MORE, GO TO HER SITE

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1 Response to Gendercast Episode 21: Transmisogyny: Interview with Tobi Hill-Meyer | link

  1. Alison Davison says:

    What a great and thought provoking episode! As an older trans woman who has lived as a “professional queer” or “professional trans woman” for some time I found this wonderful and refreshing.
    Welcome to Seattle Tobi! I moved (back) here this summer after 10 years away.
    Among other things, I facilitated support groups for a long time. When the groups were just trans women I would attempt to bring up issues of cultural misogyny , trans phobia, and feminism. I would have got a more positive response if I had shit in the middle of the room. Admittedly, most of the folks were older and went through a very different path than many younger trans women do. I have lots of respect for the struggles older trans women experienced. (I am one of them). Slowly, over time, with life experiences and reflection we were able to move discussions away from clothing, makeup, electrolysis, hormones, and past military experiences into more socio-political territory some of the time.
    Me . . . I am not veryfemme and not butch. I am sort-of dykey comfortable. My ex used to call me
    “Granola Femme”.
    It would be great to chat sometime.


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