Call For Papers: Making Sense of Gender, Sex, Race and the Family

CFP: Making Sense of Gender, Sex, Race and the Family

Humana.Mente – Journal of Philosophical Studies

Call for Papers Issue 22, July 2012

Making Sense of Gender, Sex, Race and the Family

Editors: Elena Casetta & Vera Tripodi

One of the main topics in analytic feminist philosophy is the notion of gender and it is widely held that it is a social constructed concept or category. Traditionally, the inquiry into the nature of gender has been focused on the relation between gender and sex, but recently an increasing number of analytic feminists is coming to consider the status of gender also in its correlation with the categories of race and family. Briefly, according to this approach, it would be a mistake to isolate conditions such as gender, race, class, age, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic position, family status: insofar as they are social constructions, all these notions differ from one society to another and women or men do not experience their membership in a gender, sex or race in the same way. But are really all these notions socially constructed? And, in case, are they constructed in the same way and to the same extent? And how can race and sex affect the way we perceive and shape our gender experience and gender expression? Are there different types of human bodies and different ways of sexually classifying them? What does make a woman (or man) a mother (or father)?; Is parenthood a biological or natural relationship? What defines a family?

This issue of Humana.Mente welcomes contributions addressing these and related questions, including the following topics:

  • The ontology of race and gender
  • Reproduction and sexuality
  • Non-human animals sexuality, reproduction, and “families”
  • Family and adoption
  • Reproduction, procreation and family
  • The science of race and sex
  • Gender, race, ethnicity and class
  • Man and masculinity
  • Sexuality and marriage
  • Identity, race and gender
  • Sex reassignment and personal identity
  • Motherhood and fatherhood
  • Transgender, transsexual, and queer sexualities
  • Gender and science
  • Marriage, same-sex unions and civil marriage

Furthermore, we invite to submit reviews of recent books (published after 2010), and commentaries of articles and books that could be of particular interest for the topics analyzed in this Issue.

Please send a document in an editable format suitable for blind review to:

Elena Casetta: elena.casetta AT
Vera Tripodi: vera.tripodi AT

PEER-REVIEWING PROCESS: 2012 January 7th to March 31st
FINAL VERSION DUE: 2012 April 30th

Instruction for Authors:
Max. length:
– PAPERS: 20 pp. (2400 characters with spaces per page – 50.000 types, blankets, notes and references included).
Papers must include an abstract (between 600 and 700 types) and a reference list (please use the author-date reference style).
Font: Bodoni 11 – Page Dimension: 15×23 cm
Margins: Sup 3,25 Inf 2,25 Left and Right 1,8

Language: English

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