video trailer for Misery Loves Company ver.2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Our friend Christine Beatty is a transsexual author, activist, musician and a native of the San Francisco Bay Area who graduated Skyline College with honors and then began working as a prostitute when she found herself ostracized by the “normal” world. Two years later she got sober in a Veteran’s Administration hospital and soon turned her life around as a software engineer, writer, musician and transgender activist in San Francisco.

Since 1990, Christine’s writing has been published in Spectator magazine, the Bay Area Reporter, the San Francisco Bay Times, Tapestry, TransSisters and numerous other periodicals and several anthologies, including Beyond Definition and Herotica 4. Christine also sings and plays guitar, and in 1995 she had the distinction of being one of the first transsexual women to sing and play in a working, recording heavy metal rock band until she left music to return to writing in 2003. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Her personal website and much more of her writing may be found

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