GenderQueer Revolution is co-sponsoring the Trans-Health Conference

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Please do distribute this throughout your communities, workplaces, clinics, houses of worship, gathering places, among colleagues, clients, parishioners, friends, family of all sorts, within medical, mental health, spiritual health, and community health circles, HIV, drug and alcohol prevention, homeless, case management communities, among genderqueer, queer, trans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and intersex communities, among elders, youth, and more. This information also available at All PTHC info at

GenderQueer Revolution ( is proud to co-sponsor The 10th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference

The largest trans/gender non-conforming conference in the world

For updates on PTHC-specific deadlines, GQR-sponsored PTHC artistic and social events, workshops, and tracks, and for other GQR news across the nation. 

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We embrace YOU.


Historically, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gender-gifted individuals have felt underserved at PTHC. This year, with your help, people of every gender will see themselves, and people not like themselves. They will feel heard, and will come to this conference engaging with others with a better understanding of their own multi-modal health and the health of their communities.


Genderqueer/gender non-conforming and all the myriad, literally infinite words we create to describe our even more infinite, limitless selves, includes Beings of all ages, the young, elders, those assigned male, female, and something else, freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, spiritual, religious, all races, ethnicities, and classes.


Terms that may or may not fit you at any given time, perhaps today and not tomorrow, all at once, never, sometimes, not right now, or all the time: trans*(-sexual, -gender, -genderist, -vestite, -cended, -sensual, etc.) (understanding that genderqueer does not necessarily mean trans, though it might for the individual), gender-gifted, genderqueerriffic, gender-fabulous, gender-plus, gender-more, gender non-conforming, non-gendered, androgyne, bi-gender, boigirl, girlboi, boygirl, girlboy, girlfag, guydyke, pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual, bisexual, transguy, transdyke, transwoman, womon, womyn, MTFTM, FTM, FTMTF, MTF, polygender, intergender, intersex, straight-but-not-narrow, omnigender, genderfuck, gender-variant, gender diverse, other-gender, no-ho, no-op (no hormone, no surgery), genderless, metagender(ed), both man and woman, neither man nor woman, __% male to _% female to __% other, effeminate, feminine, female, femme-as-gender, butch, stud, masculine, aggressive, OtherWise, male, queer, gay, lesbian, bi, birl, byke, dyke, open, curious, asexual, sex-positive, SM, leather, BDSM, Domme, sub, slave, switch, crossdresser, en femme, in “boy mode,” in “girl mode,” drag king, drag queen, gender performance artist, gender impressionist, gender bender, gender blender…and/or the infinite descriptors that attempt to describe the vast, overwhelming complexity of human Beings…


The PTHC planning committee is now accepting workshop proposals for the 10th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference – our 10th Anniversary Extravaganza!. Our deadline is January 15, 2011.


Call for Workshop Proposals

10th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference: 10th Anniversary Extravaganza!

A Program of Mazzoni Center

The 10th Annual Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference (PTHC) will be held June 2-4, 2011 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (Philadelphia, PA). In celebrating the tenth year of the conference, we will be looking back to reflect on how far we’ve come as a community, and also looking forward to new horizons and possibilities. We will especially focus on celebrating the thousands of community members ( who have helped to make PTHC the largest transgender-specific conference in the world!

The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference hosts over 130 workshops each year. The success of the event is dependent upon the experience and expertise that comes from the community, so the planning committee is now soliciting workshop proposals from the community in a wide range of focused topics. Areas of interest include physical health and mental health, as well as other areas that contribute to our overall health and well-being, such as family, workplace (, spiritual, and legal ( issues. We favor constructive workshops that work towards education, empowerment, and improving conditions.

Our ideal conference schedule will include diverse workshops in support of people of color (, children, teens, parents, and family members; workshops that support those with masculine (, feminine (, and non-binary (e.g. genderqueer) ( gender identities and expressions; and workshops that nurture cultural competency among our allies and providers ( (including medical and mental health providers as well as clergy (, lawyers (, educators, and other professions that interact with transgender constituencies).


How To Submit Your Proposal

At, you can propose your own workshops as well as review a list of topics and past workshop descriptions. We are eager to hear your creative ideas!

The workshop proposal deadline is January 15, 2011. However, earlier submission is strongly encouraged! This year we have volunteer working groups looking pro-actively at particular areas of interest. Your advance submission will help those working groups to plan more efficiently.

There is no registration fee to participate in the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, but if travel expenses would prevent you from offering your workshop idea, please be in touch with the planning committee about your needs. A limited amount of funds may be available to provide travel and lodging assistance for presenters with pressing need. Go ahead and submit your workshop proposal in the online system and also contact with information on what kind of support you would need to be able to attend.

For More Information: Please watch for more conference developments as plans are finalized, including details about sponsorship, advertising, and vending opportunities, as well as housing options, pre-registration, and more program details. Chris is our 2011 Conference Chair and can be reached at or 267-507-5507 with general questions, feedback, and ideas about the conference. Emily is our 2011 Workshop Coordinator and can be reached at with questions and feedback about the online workshop proposal system and program planning process.


Non-Binary Programming

The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference is the largest transgender-specific event in the world, which gives us an unparalleled ability to explore a wide range of topics in depth. A group of organizers are working to ensure an excellent track of programming for both people in the non-binary community as well as to educate providers and allies about this community. We are hoping to lay a foundation of productive and engaging programming that will grow in future years.

As a group we have identified some general areas of programming that we are hoping to offer, as well as more specific workshop ideas within those categories. Please look over the list below to see our ideas, see if you are interested in any of these and submit a proposal! We also encourage you to submit proposals that are outside of these categories as well because we know the list is not in any way exhaustive.

Note: The term “non-binary” will be used below to include all persons who do not identify within a binary gender system, including, but not limited to, non-binary, gender-non-conforming, genderqueer, gender-gifted, and 2/3/more-spirit.

Non-binary basics: Exploring the theory behind non-binary and genderqueer identities. Non-terminology focused, geared toward people unfamiliar with non-binary identities.

Exploring a non-binary identityfor questioning people. What does it mean to me to be binary identified? How does this play out in my day-to-day? What would it look like for me to internally embrace a non-binary identity? What would it look like for me to externally embrace a non-binary identity? How would I deal with my sexual orientation and dating life if I became non-binary identified?

Non-binary Healthcare

  • Healthcare basics: working with non-binary folksfor healthcare providers (e.g. prescribing hormones without the goal of transition, informed consent, and so forth)
  • Mental Health care basics: working with non-binary folksfor mental health providers (e.g. traditional and alternative diagnosis options, non-GID care, informed consent, and so forth)
  • Medical Panel Q & Afor medical professionals. Facilitated panel of medical professionals who have worked with non-binary folks and the options they have used
  • Body Modification for non-binary people assigned male at birthfor non-binary or questioning people assigned male at birth. Medical provider to present traditional and alternative medical transition options and answer questions about medical options.
  • Body Modification for non-binary people assigned female at birthfor non-binary or questioning people assigned female at birth. Medical provider to present traditional and alternative medical transition options and answer questions about medical options.
  • Self-Managed Healthcareprimarily for non-binary or questioning folks. Facilitated panel of people with non-binary identities from a diversity of backgrounds to discuss their experiences with alternative body modification options/stories/experiences (e.g. accessing care outside of traditional medical/transition models, risk-factors, harm reduction, and so forth)

Non-binary community experiences

  • Changing the World – Exploring strategies for expanding space for non-binary identities in the world
  • Non-binary identities in people of color communities (
  • Exploring gender expression as art and/or performance. What does drag, genderfuck, sexual role-playing, etc., have to do with non-binary identities? What are the ethics and power dynamics associated with such creativity? When/how is it humor? Subversion? Art? Play? When/how is it stereotyping? Caricature? Misogynist or sexist?
  • Self-advocacy and day-to-day empowermentfor non-binary and trans folks. Exploring what you want and need from people in different settings.
  • Finding community with other folks with non-binary gender identities (e.g. meet and greets)
  • Exploring strategies around non-binary language and terminologyfor non-binary folks. An opportunity to explore how to communicate questions about identity, what to do when you make pronoun/identifying mistakes, building confidence about empowering non-binary folks in community and work settings.
  • Non-binary identities intersecting with various other identities

And, your other creative ideas, addressing the interests and experiences of people with non-binary identities!

We are seeking diversity in our workshop faculty, including people were assigned male, people who were assigned female, people who are not transitioning at all, and people of color. Please submit your own workshop proposal ( and/or volunteer to assist with leadership of our non-binary programming, by contacting


What is GenderQueer Revolution?

1) A national organization dedicated to empowering people of all genders, helping people to embrace the gift of gender in their own lives and in the lives of others, supporting and cultivating genderqueer, gender-gifted individuals and communities, uniquely gender-gifted art, spirituality, research, and academics, and educating and building bridges across trans, gendered, queer, and non-queer com- munities and beyond.

2) A global movement, a powerful collection of many parts that come together to achieve and create a brilliant, powerful, unstoppable Whole, going beyond the tangible and into the level(s) of greatest potential

GenderQueer Revolution, a national (and increasingly international) organization, has several main loci, including a number of web-based communities (powerful and world-changing), and Southern California, Northern California, Las Vegas, the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, and The South, although we plan and contribute to quite a few events in other areas as well.

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