ACTION ALERT: tell government to include “T” in health plan (re-post)

By Scout
Director, Network for LGBT Health Equity
reprinted from the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control

Spoiler: Only have 2 min to act? Skip down to the red headline for 2 min version.

Draft Health Prevention Strategy Released, Comments Until Jan 13th.

As many of you know, health care reform included a mandate for heads of many federal agencies to get together in a historic collaboration to plan for better health prevention in our country. This is one of the many examples of a fundamental shift from health care into health prevention activities. Since we know tobacco, exercise, and nutrition problems cost us the most healthcare dollars (and more importantly, lives!) down the road, they are big foci of this new cross-government shift. So, this new National Prevention Council was seated, came up with a rough draft prevention plan that folks commented on, then had a stakeholders listening session last week. Well, I’m a bit behind so I didn’t even write up my impressions from that listening session yet (tho we did livetweet all about it) and bam, the group releases their next draft health prevention plan for comment. We’ve got until Jan 13th to give feedback, so please folk, take a minute and chime in. The document is short, really easy to read and simple to comment on.

See it all here:

Summary of Plan and LGBT Inclusion

There are 4 crosscutting strategic directions.

  1. (SD1) Healthy Physical, Social and Economic Environments
  2. (SD2) Eliminate Health Disparities: This includes LGB, but does not mention T!!! We need to get them to fix this! “Eliminate health disparities experienced by populations (e.g., based on race/ethnicity, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, geography) in order to achieve health equity.”
  3. (SD3) Prevention and Public Health Capacity
  4. (SD4) Quality Clinical Preventive Services

Then six more after that.

  1. (SD5) Tobacco-Free Living
  2. (SD6) Reduce Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  3. (SD7) Healthy Eating
  4. (SD8) Active Living:
  5. (SD9) Injury-Free Living
  6. (SD10) Mental and Emotional Wellbeing: Including a mention of LGBT in a recommendation under this category. “(R) Promote resiliency, positive family and other social support systems, and community engagement throughout the lifespan and for at-risk populations (e.g., healthy development of LGBT youth, independent living for older adults).”

2 Min Action: Tell Feds to Include Trans Folk & Stop Data DADT!

Here’s a quick sample of feedback you could give in 2 min or less! So please…. take the time to click here and say at least this much!

They ask: “1. What are your suggestions on the Draft Vision, Goals, Strategic Directions, or Recommendations?”

You say: Include Gender Identity under SD2!

They ask: “4. What measures should be used to monitor progress on implementation of the National Prevention Strategy’s Vision, Goals, and Recommendations?”

You say: Routinely include LGBT demographic measures in federal and state population surveys! The current “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” approach to measuring LGBT disparities simply helps perpetuate them!

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