Transgender Inclusion within Organizations Serving the LGBT Community: A Transgender Awareness Week BrownBag Webinar with Talia Mae Bettcher and Susan Forrest

In honor of Transgender Awareness Week, on November 11th at 2:30pm EST/11:30am PST the Network for LGBT Tobacco Control will be hosting a BrownBag Webinar on transgender inclusion about Transgender Inclusion within Organizations Serving the LGBT Community: A Transgender Awareness Week BrownBag Webinar with Talia Mae Bettcher and Susan Forrest. We will have our first ever co-lead Webinar with Network member Susan Forrest and Dr. Talia Bettcher who will co-lead a Webinar on Transgender Inclusion in Health and Community organizations/agencies serving, or that could potentially serve, transgender people. Types of agencies could include Departments of Health, cessation groups, LGBT organizations, Tobacco Control organizations, Health Centers, etc. With their cultural competency training experience, Talia and Susan will speak to how organizations can be more inclusive of the transgender community in general with mention of how even LGBT-focused cessation programs can be more inclusive of trans individuals.

Susan and Talia will introduce the call with a 15 minute presentation, and then we’ll have 45 minutes of discussion. The discussion will allow others to discuss how organizations can be trans competent in other ways like through data collection. This webinar is open to all, and is a great opportunity for folks looking to learn more about transgender inclusion and for folks who have experience and information of their own to share with others.

About the Presenters: Talia Mae Bettcher is the Director of the Center for the Study of Genders and Sexualities at California State University in LA whose academic interests include Transgender Studies with published articles on transgender and feminist topics. Susan Forrest is an HIV Resource Specialist for the Community Assessment Service Center and Community Activist who’s planned and organized several trans-focused events and organizations. The two perform transgender cultural competency trainings to various organizations and agencies and have a website called “Learning Trans“ which is a project to produce, and to highlight trans community-produced knowledge.

About the BrownBag Series: It’s about linking people and information: The BrownBag Networking call series is designed to be an open space for, you guessed it, the Network. So pull up a chair and enjoy a virtual lunch with us to network, share, and collaborate with collogues from around the country. For descriptions of past BrownBag Webinars, see our blog.

To register, click here.

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