Trans Los Angeles

This page is to highlight the lives, work, play and activism of our friends/community in Los Angeles

Luc Memorial at pathfinders pt 1 from Susan Forrest on Vimeo.

Luc Jauregui’s memorial service
April 13,2013
Pathfinders Alano Club
short memorial video:
The memorial service:

photo: Ziar’ Unique

Video directed by Drian Juarez on A town hall for transgender people to discuss culturally competent HIV health care and what that looks like.  FOR MORE VIDEOS BY DRIAN JUAREZ, CHECK OUT HER YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Gender Justice Los Angeles Launch Party, 9.19.09 (Shot and Produced By: Thomas Page)

LA’s Transgender Communities: Building and Exercising PowerLos Angeles Deserves Good Transgender HealthcareDemograph Me

The Community Clinics Campaign was a project of FTM Alliance, which became Gender Justice Los Angeles. and the Transgender Law Center.  The work of the campaign was recorded. The Community Clinics Campaign is working on increasing healthcare access for the transgender communities of Los Angeles. We recently discussed ways that we each can be leaders in C3 and in our communities by using our individual skills and expertise.

Los datos no son claros, pero sabemos que diferentes estudios apuntan a que la comunidad transgénero está siendo fuertemente impactada por la epidemia.  El CDC estima que entre el 14 y el 63 por ciento de las mujeres transgénero tienen el VIH en EE.UU.; tienen más factores de vulnerabilidad y riesgo y reciben menos servicios y atención médica.  El mismo CDC indica que los factores de riesgo entre personas transgénero incluye: múltiples parejas sexuales, uso inconsistente del condón, prácticas inseguras de uso de jeringas (para inyectar hormonas y/u otras drogas), además de la falta de servicios y atención adecuada para personas transgénero.

a trailer of a documentary following 4 LA women. I am unsure whether the project was ever completed.

vigil for Victoria Arellano, a 23 year old transgender woman who died because she was denied medical treatment for HIV-AIDS while in detention for her immigration status. Victoria was a member of our LA community. TRANSCRIPT of speech given by Bamby Salcedo

2008 DOR images & video |Maria Roman’s speech part 2 part 3 | Talia Bettcher’s speech part 2Christina Quinonez’s speech (Espanol)Shirley Bushnell’s speech part 2the beginning of the march | the end of the march

Alexis Rivera Memorial Page (with blog archives)

Remembering Connie Norman: on AEGIS | on Godless Liberal HomoLA Times

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